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Mill Pharmacy

is a brand new pharmacy designed to work in collaboration with Dr J Flather and Partners. This unique relationship allows us to offer all of your health care needs to be met under one roof. We are committed to community healthcare and uncompromising customer satisfaction. 'With us, it's personal'


Monday – Friday 8.00am – 6.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 10.00am – 2.00pm


Prescription Dispensing and Repeat Prescriptions

We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions and will give informed advice on how to get the most benefit from your medicines. We keep a comprehensive stock of medicines and use a fast and an efficient wholesaler service to enable us to fill all prescriptions promptly. ANYBODY can now have have their prescriptions dispensed by us, regardless of whether they live in or outside Hadleigh. Just drop off the white slip having ticked the boxes for the medicines you require and give us 48 hours to get them ready for you. Or if you want your life to be even easier then just ask to join our ‘DIARY’ system which enables us to automatically collect and dispense your prescription ready for you to collect every month.

We can fill ‘dossett’ boxes to make it easier for you to take your medication. If you have difficulty reading the labels on your dispensed medicines we offer a range of services such as making the type larger, handwriting the labels or make charts for you so that you know when to take your medicine.

All medicines are dispensed in child resistant containers unless you request us not to. Please remember: keep all medicines out of reach and sight of children.
Our pharmacists and trained dispensers can advise you on safe storage of medicines.

Health Advice and Self-care

Our pharmacists and our trained dispensers are available for advice on all medicines and minor ailments, in private if required. We can also give you advice on how to live a healthy life, for example, advice on how to stop smoking, or healthy diets.
We can direct you to other sources of advice and assistance if we cannot help you ourselves.

Health Promotion

We provide a range of free health promotion information.


We have a team of highly experienced pharmacists and dispensers who will be able to give you advice on your healthcare needs. If for some reason they are unable to help you we will provide you with information about other healthcare professionals and advise if you need to see them.

Holiday Healthcare and travel advice

We can advise on medical requirements for travellers, including anti-malaria treatments.

Sexual Health

You may wish to have an alternative to visiting your GP for personal matters such contraception and pregnancy advice or information on sexually transmitted diseases. At Mill Pharmacy we have a confidential consulting room where you can discuss these issues which our pharmacist.

Our pharmacists are appropriately trained and accredited to supply emergency hormonal contraception, or, as it is more commonly known the morning after pill. Please ask our pharmacist for more details.

In addition Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease which is common in young people. It can be easily detected and we provide kits free of charge for 16-24 year olds to test for it at home. Please ask at the pharmacy for more information.


Smoking Cessation support

We can provide you with a range of support if you have decided to give up smoking. We run clinics in parallel with those offered by the medical practice.

Medicines Use Reviews

You can make an appointment with one of our pharmacists to discuss how you are getting on with your regular medicines. It will allow you to learn more about your medicines and ask any questions you may have, and if you are having difficulties taking your medicines our pharmacist may be able to assist. Ask for more details on this service.

Emergency Supplies

If you need one of your regular medicines in an emergency when you are unable to contact your doctor, for example over the weekend, we may be able to help.

We must stress that this can only be done in genuine emergencies and it may incur a charge.

Unwanted Medicines disposal

We accept all your unwanted medicines at the pharmacy where we will dispose of them safely.

Other Services we provide

Repeat dispensing

Our pharmacists are trained and competent to provide the repeat dispensing service. Please ask the staff for details about this service.

Pharmacy Sales

We keep a variety of medicines which do not need a doctor’s prescription.

These include:

Painkillers – for migraines, period pains and  muscular aches and pains
Cough and Cold remedies – for colds,coughs, sore throats and congestion
Gastric remedies – for indigestion, heartburn, upset stomachs and IBS.
Insomnia – Kalms, Nytol, earplugs
Antiseptics and First Aid – antiseptics, plasters, bandages and bite and sting 
Incontinence Pads
Disability aids – we can obtain a variety of aids such as handled feed cups,
wrist supports, feeder cups, 7 day pill dispensers.
Vitamins and Supplements
Family Health- treatments for worms, headlice,nappy rash, and colic.

Needle exchange and supervised consumption

One of the most effective ways of weaning people of heroin is offering clean needles and replacement methadone. We offer needle exchange and supervised consumption programmes.



You can seek our advice about trusses and stoma and incontinence supplies. We understand it is embarrassing to talk about these problems so we have a private consulting room where you can speak privately to our pharmacist.

Disability aids and services

We can obtain an extensive range of disability aids usually within a few days. Just ask to see our catalogue if you require any item and we will be pleased to order it for you.

We also have facilities for disabled parking, access for wheelchairs and disabled toilets.

In addition, if you are housebound or have difficulty getting out please ask our staff about our free home delivery service.

Patient Medication Records

Our computer allows us to keep records of all your prescriptions dispensed by us. This helps us check for possible problems, such as reactions between medicines and will help us deal with any queries you may have.

We comply with the Data Protection Act and the NHS code of practice on confidentiality. You have a right of access to your pharmacy health records and if you wish to obtain a copy of them. Only in very exceptional circumstances can access be withheld. If you would like to apply for access to your pharmacy health records or receive further information about this please speak to our Superintendent Pharmacist.


The pharmacy is bound by the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only disclose information about you with your full permission, or where there is a medical need to do so. All our staff are bound by strict rules of confidentiality.


Comments, Suggestions, Complaints and Compliments 

Our aim is to give the highest possible standard of service. We would like you to tell us what you think about the service we provide at this pharmacy.
If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please speak to a member of staff.

We welcome any general comments about the services we provide and any suggestions of ways in which we can improve our services to you.

We operate a complaints procedure as part of the NHS system for dealing with complaints. Our system meets national criteria. Our Pharmacists will give you further information.

You may also seek advice from the local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). PALS are not part of the complaints procedure itself but they might be able to resolve your concerns informally or they can tell you more about the complaints procedure and independent complaints advocacy services. The details of your nearest PALS office are listed below:
Office Address Patient Advice & Liaison Service
Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
Post Bag number S617
Heath Road
Tele 0800 328 7624
Email pals@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk


An independent complaints advocacy service (ICAS) is available to provide advice and support for people who wish to complain about the NHS. Details of your nearest office are listed below:

Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk ICAS
Unit 26A, E Space North
181 Wisbech Road
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Tel: 0845 456 1084
Minicom: 0845 337 3067
Fax: 0845 337 3050


When we are closed…
Our Pharmacy will be open 7 days a week but on the odd occasions when this pharmacy is closed, health advice and information, including details of other local health services, is available around the clock from NHS direct. You can use:


We provide these NHS services on behalf of:
Suffolk PCT
Rushbrook House
Paper Mill Lane
Tel: 01473 770000

Where you can find us
We are located in: 
Hadleigh Health Centre
Market Place                         
Ip7 5dn

Tele 01474 820136

Our Pharmacists are:

Mrs Taj West MRPharms
Mrs Alison Williams MRPharms

Both are registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain which requires them to participate in continuing professional development thus ensuring that their knowledge and training is always maintained to an extremely high standard. They are also both very knowlegeable in their field have extensive experience of community pharmacy.

 This pharmacy is owned by:

Dr J Flather and Partners
Boxford Hadleigh Group Practice
Hadleigh Health Centre
Tele  01473 822961